What is Honkaku Shochu? ~Things to Know First~


Nice to meet you. My name is Shun Suzuki !!

I am writing a blob about Honkaku(authentic) Shochu in Japan.

I decided to write English articles because I want foreign people to know Honkaku Shochu.

It is pleasant for general people and importers to read this and to have them understand even a little about things about Honkaku Shochu.

There are things I want to tell you variously, but first I write 5 things about Honkaku Shochu that I want you to know only this.


Honkaku Shochu is...
  1.  It is a Japanese culture lasting 500 years in Kyushu (an island located south of Japan)
  2.  It is the same distilled liquor as whiskey, brandy, lamb, vodka, gin and tequila
  3.  The raw material is sweet potato, wheat, rice, etc. They are called sweet potato shochu, wheat shochu, rice shochu respectively.
  4.  Rock, water splitting, soda cracking and drinking are various, but hot water split is the original culture.
  5.  Honkaku Shochu is a crystal of Japanese effort that has developed the technique of making koji mold, and each brewery combines spirit and technology inferior to any breweries and distillers in the world.


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I will explain it carefully.

Thank you for reading!




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